Electronic Assembly

Electronic AssemblyECA provides electronic assembly services to Frederick, Maryland and surrounding areas.

Another term for electronic assembly is electronic contract manufacturing (ECM). In either case, the term refers to the process of working on delicate electronic components. The work can include creation (manufacturing or assembling) of the components as well as repairing, testing and distributing the components.

Until the late 1970s, the majority of electronic assembly was handled internally by the companies requiring the service. Eventually the industry outgrew this business model, resulting in a boom for the EMS industry. Today, many EMS firms focus their electronic assembly services on mega-firms, those producing consumer electronics and computers. At Electronic Contract Assemblers we fill the void by seeking out customers who have been neglected by these bigger contract manufacturing firms because of their size (too small). Once again, whether you are looking for a prototype assembly of 1 unit, or a production run of 1,000 boards, we at ECA have the capability and desire to provide you with quality, cost effective electronic assembly service.

For an overview on electronic contract assembly, or electronic contract manufacturing, please reference this article on the topic.