Electronic Contract Assembly FAQs

Q. What do you need for a quote?
A. For a consignment quote, a bill of material, in Excel format if possible, and an assembly drawing if available. The drawing can be a .pdf file.  For a turnkey quote, a bill of material, in Excel format, with manufacturers, manufacturers part numbers, and any alternate manufacturers you will accept, an assembly drawing, .pdf is acceptable.


Q. What is turnkey and consignment?
A. Consignment is where the customer supplies the components and circuit boards.  Turnkey is where we buy all the components and circuit board.  There are circumstances where both are done.


Q. How long does it take for a quote?
A. Turnkey: It can take 7-10 days. Distributors must be contacted, and they all move at their own pace. Consignment: Usually overnight.


Q. What quantity boards will you build?
A. Unlike most large contract manufacturers, ECA will build one board, if that is your need.


Q. How fast can I receive my prototype boards?
A. We generally quote a 3 day turnaround. One and two days are options, at an significant price increase.


Q. Do you offer pc design services?
A. No. We have partnered with several local design services, in order to offer these services to our customers. You can place the order with ECA, and we will act as a project manager for you.


Q. What Quality specifications do you use?
A. We use the IPC, 610D, class 2, as our general reference. We build to class 3 on demand.


Q. What is the largest size board you can build.
A. The largest so far is 12 x 12.


Q. Do you accept panelized boards?
A. Yes. Panel sized is determined by several different factors. Please call for a definitive answer.


Q. Do you assemble BGA's?
A. We can assemble BGA's, however, we do not have the capability to x-ray the BGA. We have several places we can send the work to, which have x-ray capability, and will provide a paper copy of the x-ray results.


Q. What are your terms?
A. Net 30.


Q. What is the typical turnaround time for assembly?
A. It depends on your requirements. Our standard time frame is 15 days, but when requested we can deliver in as little as three.