Electronic Contract Assembly Services

IPC CertifiedNow IPC Certified

We are proud to announce the addition of an IPC certified trainer to our staff.

ECA has developed relationships with several component suppliers to offer you complete purchasing services to meet your requirements. We have partnered with our bank to ensure no assembly
job is too big.

We have a dedicated staff to meet your prototype project requirements. We offer a menu of delivery schedules, from three days to three weeks: one piece to fifty. Call or email for more information.

Through Hole
ECA has been providing quality through hole services for over 18 years.

SMT in Frederick
We can assembly your surface mount technology, or SMT, project in one of two ways. For over 16 years we have provided excellent quality hand assembled SMT and Mixed Technology printed circuit boards. We also have an updated line of placement equipment, capable of vision centering and placement of components down to 0402.

ECA offers custom cable assembly for its customers.

ECA offers services for assembling electro mechanical assemblies. Rear panels, power inlet filters, discrete wiring harnesses, transformer modification, or any other needs of the customer.

We can functionally test using customer supplied test equipment. We also have available in house testing equipment. See our facilities page for a list of test equipment, or call/email for more information.